Hints for coderetreat facilitators, participants and hosts.

Coderetreat is a practice format for programmers inspired by the writer’s retreats. I was lucky to be the first code retreat facilitator outside US, with Maria Diaconu. I facilitated and participated to about 50 coderetreats. I also published a book about facilitating and organizing coderetreats, as co-author of Adi Bolboac─â.

The Coderetreat Problem Is Not The Problem


It’s that time of year again. The time when passionate developers get together all over the world to learn from each other. It’s time for Global Day of Coderetreat! Yet not everything is perfect. The main complain I hear from people attending Coderetreats, especially after a few of them, is that they get bored with Conway’s Game Of Life. I strongly believe that this issue comes...

How to get the most out of a Code Retreat


Tomorrow is the Global Day of Code Retreat 2013, or as I like to call it, the programmers’ Christmas. Every year, I think of what I can improve in the code retreat to make it even better for the attendees. Last year, I decided to start by asking them what they would like to learn and then picked the sessions accordingly (and I started a blog post that’s in draft since last...

10 Reasons to Attend a Code Retreat


You will love programming again You relive the first moments of programming (unless you started with Cobol) You will see how other people write code You will write and speak about code all day long. You’re between friends, accept that’s the one thing you could do for days You come as an expert and leave like a novice To live a paradox: it couldn’t possibly work but it does You...

Don’t let your methods look like this!


I drew this picture with Corey Haines at the Krakow April 2011 Code Retreat. I started with the overall silhouette of the method, and Corey added the eye and the comment. In the end, I think we got an excellent motivational poster. So, developers, don’t let your methods look like this! The right bottom corner is about another thing you should remember: at least know the name of your pair... Reflections on design, craft and software

A new home for merging ideas about design

It is my strong belief that software design can learn a lot from other design disciplines. I wrote blog posts, a book and did talks on this topic, and it was time to group them all together. These ideas have now a new home: My plan is to add more blog posts there, and to involve other people doing work in this area.

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