Don’t let your methods look like this!


Don't Let Your method look like me!

I drew this picture with Corey Haines at the Krakow April 2011 Code Retreat. I started with the overall silhouette of the method, and Corey added the eye and the comment. In the end, I think we got an excellent motivational poster. So, developers, don’t let your methods look like this!

The right bottom corner is about another thing you should remember: at least know the name of your pair before starting to program. It’s funny how many times I’ve seen developers jumping right into the problem and forget this simple thing.

In the end, many thanks to the people who made the Code Retreat Krakow such an amazing experience. Pair facilitating with Corey is always an awesome experience, and I’d love to do it more often. I loved the energy of the participants and I’m really proud of the T-Shirt. Corey, Krakow, see you again soon!

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