You can find here links to some of the most interesting sites and articles that I read. Paul Graham’s essays – I believe that Paul Graham is a genius. Not only did he left his mark on software development, but he also funded Y!Combinator, a venture capitalism company specialized in technology start-ups, and, as if this wasn’t enough, he writes perfect, both in form and in...

Books I Read


I love books. They allow us to explore areas that we would never have thought of, expose us to ideas that we could never have had, marvel us with their stories, their style and their lessons. I love a good story and I believe story telling is part of our lives more than we realize. I love when writers use words in unexpected or harmonic ways. I love to get their message about the human spirit...

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A new home for merging ideas about design

It is my strong belief that software design can learn a lot from other design disciplines. I wrote blog posts, a book and did talks on this topic, and it was time to group them all together. These ideas have now a new home: https://codedesigner.eu. My plan is to add more blog posts there, and to involve other people doing work in this area.