I Can Help With…


I can help with one of the following activities:

* **Public Speaking** – I spoke at conferences in Kraków, Warsaw, Kiev, Porto, Bucharest, Timişoara…
* **Pair programming** – limited number of sessions for free, depending on my availability.
* Facilitating and helping others facilitate **Code Retreats**
* **Technical Trainings** and **Technical Coaching** through [MosaicWorks](http://www.mozaicworks.com)
* Collaborations (including volunteering) related to **Educational Activities**.

Business Email: [alex.bolboaca@mozaicworks.com](mailto:alex.bolboaca@mozaicworks.com)

Personal Email: [alexboly@gmail.com](mailto:alexboly@gmail.com)

Twitter: [@alexboly](http://twitter.com/alexboly/)

Skype: _alex_boly_

Identi.ca:  [@alexboly](http://identi.ca/alexboly/)

alexbolboaca.ro Reflections on design, craft and software

A new home for merging ideas about design

It is my strong belief that software design can learn a lot from other design disciplines. I wrote blog posts, a book and did talks on this topic, and it was time to group them all together. These ideas have now a new home: https://codedesigner.eu. My plan is to add more blog posts there, and to involve other people doing work in this area.